Connecting People

The East Cambs Connect Supporters’ Group believes that it is not just about connecting people to locations (for appointments of events) but it is also about connecting people to people. We are in the process of developing this offers and wants section – where people using the East Cambs Connect service can connect with other people with similar interests.

For example:-

  • You might be keen on doing some birding watching at an East Cambridgeshire Nature Reserve like Wicken Fen or WWT Welney. But, you are only a beginner so want to find someone who has more expertise is willing to join you.
  • Or you might be able to offer a tour around the area for Japanese tourists.
  • You might want to just meet up with similar minded people at a local tearoom.
  • You might have an interest in visiting museums and want to share it with someone else.

If you have an offer or a want – please contact Peter Bates on

We will also soon be developing a similar section for commercial organisations who want to offer special discounts (with a coupon) on certain weekdays days at an event like a tearoom, coffee shop, cinema or a shop. Please contact Peter Bates on