Our Aims

The East Cambs Connect Supporters' Group aims to:

widely promote the use of this service for everyone living, working and visiting the East Cambridgeshire area as a way of increasing access to people who otherwise wouldn't be able to get to local services, social groups, amenities, events and visitor destinations.

provide a website which provides clear information about the service

be a "critical friend" and provide constructive feedback to Cambridgeshire Council Council who manage the service

to help develop it as a sustainable service - which can eventually be extended to weekends and longer into the evenings

to help develop it as a sustainable service - that can be rolled out across the whole of Cambridgeshire

to encourage the development of sheltered interchanges with all regular bus services and with railway stations

to actively encourage its development so that it can operate across county boundaries and interlink with other services that operate within other counties

to actively encourage the use of the latest technology in order to run the service in the most efficient way possible

to actively encourage an innovative "can do", "lets find a solution" culture amongst policy and decision-makers and operational managers rather than a "cost cutting" culture